Uncover the Secret of Antifragility and Elegance with Ofelia Cozma

08/03/2024 to 08/02/2024
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Join GWPR Romania for this International Women’s Day event to discover how to thrive in chaos and uncertainty while maintaining grace and poise with Ofelia Cozma.

  • In a world of constant change, it’s vital to recognise and celebrate women’s contributions in all aspects of society. Today’s women are smart, powerful, and graceful, bringing a unique and innovative perspective to every field.
  • Whether battling cancer or navigating major career and personal life changes, Ofelia has shown that true growth and development come when we confront volatility and uncertainty.

At 63, Ofelia Cozma has had an interesting career path, moving from engineering to the insurance industry, fulfilling her uniqueness as a skincare specialist for the Royal Family of Kuwait and a design teacher at the British School of Kuwait. Ofelia spent 20 years in the Middle East and speaks powerfully about what it means to educate personal style, beyond wardrobe fittings and chromatics of an outfit, Ofelia carries herself with grace, elegance and a playful spirit. Lady O, as she is also known, embodies the aesthetically beautiful and anachronistic idea of ‘a lady’, a role model who reminds us that luxury is a state of well-being, not an expensive outfit, and what defines us is our routine, the way we are with each other daily, not just in casual ways.