GWPR Empower programme

Empower is an exclusive programme developed by Global Women in PR for a carefully selected group of 26 mid-career women, featuring a combination of cross-border mentoring, learning and profile building.

GWPR’s 24-hour global speed mentoring initiative in 2021, involving 300 women on International Women’s Day, served as the springboard for this programme. Many GWPR national groups already run mentoring programmes for PR women in their own countries, but until the Empower programme was launched, there was no opportunity to be mentored cross-border.

Following its successful launch year in 2022, the 2023 Empower programme has now commenced, under the mentorship of 25 of the most successful global female leaders in PR and Communications.

The monthly mentoring sessions will be virtual and involve women from 15 countries worldwide.

The learning element of the EMPOWER programme involve regular masterclasses given by industry experts on topics such as leadership skills, business management, and career planning. GWPR also provide opportunities for the mentees to participate in panel discussions, a thought leadership project and international networking.

Regular virtual networking meet-ups for mentees and active social media engagement help to create a sense of community.

The programme’s goal is to continue to grow Empower in order to create a talent pool of sought-after and empowered global women leaders.

Empower partners and sponsors

Empower partners and sponsors

Learn about the experiences of mentors and mentees

GWPR Empower – get to know Sutapa Dutta Roy

Empower mentee Sutapa Dutta Roy describes the programme’s positive influences on her career.

GWPR Empower – get to know Rachita Mohan

GWPR asks Empower mentee Rachita Mohan to share her experiences and standout moment of the programme

GWPR Empower – get to know Jagruti Mistry and Dr Clara Herdeanu

GWPR asks mentor Jagruti Mistry, Senior Director; Head of Corporate Communications MENA at Visa and Dr Clara Herdeanu, Head of Communications at Xayn about their experiences on the Empower programme

GWPR Empower – get to know Linda Descano and Caroline York

GWPR asks mentor Linda Descano, Executive Vice President of Red Havas US and Mentee Caroline York, Marketing Director at Gusto Collective about their experiences on the Empower programme

Empower news and Masterclass 2022 reports

GWPR Empower mentees announced

Global Women in PR has announced the names of 26 upcoming leaders in PR and communications who will benefit as mentees of its 2023 Empower programme.

Virtual panel: GWPR EMPOWER celebrates #IWD Embrace Equity

Thursday 9 March: Caroline Dettman and Sabia Schwarzer are joined by Amanda Schwartzer and Nanaissa Diakité to discuss how to embrace equity for women in the workplace

GWPR EMPOWER Masterclass Session eight – The Foundations of Inclusive Leadership with Thais Compoint

The last session of this year’s GWPR Empower programme was focused on the need for inclusive leadership with guest speaker Thais Compoint.

GWPR EMPOWER Masterclass Session seven – Well-being and mental fitness in a post-pandemic world, with James Wright

James Wright, CEO of the PR agency Red Havas Group delivered our seventh GWPR Empower Masterclass Session on how to focus on mental fitness in the fast-paced PR work environment. 

GWPR EMPOWER Masterclass Session six – Negotiation Skills with Bob Grove

Negotiation is a way of life – one just needs to accept it and everyone can master it according to Bob Grove in this presentation for Global Women in PR Empower mentees

GWPR EMPOWER Masterclass Session five – Lead with Gravitas, with Antoinette Dale Henderson

Antoinette Dale Henderson offers inspirational guidance on leading with gravitas for career enhancement in this presentation for Global Women in PR Empower mentees

GWPR EMPOWER Masterclass Session four – Winning the War for Talent with Jane Fordham

Retention and motivation of talent has never been more important – Jane Fordham, provides important guidance in this presentation for Global Women in PR Empower mentees

GWPR EMPOWER Masterclass Session three – Plot your International Career with Sabia Schwarzer

“It is all about your life goals. Keep them at the centre of every career move. Push for them!” was the central message Sabia Schwarzer provided as a GWPR Empower Mentor in her session on plotting an international career

GWPR EMPOWER Masterclass Session two – Leadership in Times of Crisis with Clarissa Haller

Summary of the session by Arina Flyugova, Corporate Affairs Manager, HEINEKEN and GWPR Empower programme mentee