Who we are?

Global Women in PR exists to champion, connect and support women in senior PR and communications roles.

Who we are

We are a membership organisation of national networking groups whose members come from agencies, in-house and independents, plus global individual members.

Founded to connect, champion and support women in senior PR and Communication roles; we are a not-for-profit organisation driven by a desire to change the landscape for women working in our industry.

We offer support to the next generation of female leaders to inspire them to fulfil their potential, whilst also encouraging more women to become senior practitioners.

We are an inclusive organisation that celebrates diversity and works to engage with the leaders in our industry and other business leaders active in employing the services of our members. We help promote Public Relations as an important global industry.

Global Women in PR is the only global networking organisation of its kind offering cross border support for members to share best practice, contacts and experiences.

A key focus is the issue surrounding leadership and understanding why, when the global PR industry is two-thirds female, that in the boardroom the figures are in complete reverse, with men occupying 64% of seats at the boardroom table.

We tackle issues from flexible working practices to pay incentives and the working environment.

By creating a global community of senior PR women actively working together, we can help promote the changes that are needed to shape the PR industry for the 21st century.

Our membership currently covers the UK, USA, Europe, Canada, the Middle East, South America and North Africa.

GWPR is an important sector group of ICCO – the International Communications Consultancy Organisation – which represents 3,000 PR firms worldwide and 41 national trade associations in 70 countries across the globe.

What we do

We connect women to create a global networking community of women working in senior roles in the PR industry.

We do this by creating branded national GWPR networking groups around the world, helping them develop and grow, whilst encouraging them to address the issues affecting them in their local market. We also offer global individual membership for those unable to join a national group

We champion women by helping to showcase their success in our industry. We provide thought leadership articles, create speaker opportunities and events to showcase women as role models for the next generation of PR women.

We support women to encourage and enable more PR women to become leaders. We actively focus on the key issues affecting women working in the public relations industry today.

We benchmark the global position of women in the industry through the GWPR Annual Index – our in-depth research programme that allows us to understand and highlight the barriers and issues affecting the advancement of women in Public Relations.

We develop tools to support the goal of creating more women in senior leadership positions including our international GWPR mentorship scheme.