GWPR Empower – get to know Doris Casares

Published 17th Jun 2024

Mentor Doris Casares

Chief Communications Officer
Iberostar Group

Doris CasaresWhy did you agree to be a mentor?

I think that mentoring is a great experience in life and I highly recommend it to any professional who is curious and wants to grow and take the next step along their career journey. It can help to develop your professional trajectory and open your mind towards new ways of working that you were not even expecting. This is not my first time mentoring women in management and I can see how it benefits both parties, the mentor and the mentee, as the exchange of experiences at different stages of their career, enriches the other during each session.

How do you feel this benefits you personally and professionally?

Mentoring is such an important experience for everyone in life. It opens your mind, both personally and professionally, it inspires you and others to see things through a different perspective, through someone else’s eyes. I definitely recommend doing this many times throughout your career because life changes very quickly and having a good mentor is like having a great partner in life.

How do you believe your mentee has benefitted from this journey?

Akosua has made great progress during our mentoring together, and she is still progressing! She has managed to gain perspective and see herself through the eyes of a more mature, empowered woman. I think this helped her to achieve some great milestones, such as becoming VP Comms for the Ghana PR Women Association.

Would you be a mentor again?

Definitely yes!