GWPR Empower – get to know Akosua Ogyiri

Published 17th Jun 2024

Mentee Akosua Ogyiri

Communications and Media Manager
WaterAid Ghana

Okosua OgyiriWhy did you apply to be a mentee?

I am always looking for ways to improve and challenge myself. When a friend mentioned how her Empower Mentorship Programme was going, I thought to myself, this could be an opportunity to develop professionally and personally. That was my first nudge.

However, what actually motivated me was the birth of my son, I remember applying for the programme a few weeks post-partum. I was challenged with his birth to be a better version of myself professionally, a version of myself that I am sure he would be proud of. Knowing the value of mentorship and its ability to shape professions, I applied because it was just what I needed to accelerate my professional life.

What are you looking to achieve from the programme?

I am looking for direction, structure and support to advance professionally and personally. The field of communications is dynamic and it is very easy for a practitioner to be distracted. Having a mentor who has walked the path before you and is willing to hold your hand so you don’t make the same mistakes is priceless.

What’s been your standout moment as a mentee so far?

I have had many standout moments because my mentor, Doris Casares, has been nothing but amazing. Let me talk about the thoroughness of my career and personal objective setting process with her. That must be the most illuminating time in my career. You know you have plans and aspirations, but going through the process of questioning why I have these aspirations and reflecting on the intentional steps I need to take to meet those aspirations has been my best moment, so far.

Why would you advise others to apply to be a mentee?

We never stop learning, and we never stop developing.This mentorship programme is structured and intentional. If you want a structured mentorship process that will not just be a springboard for career growth but a full 360-degree development process, you should apply. As the name implies, this is an empowerment process.

How are you using what you have learned as a mentee in your career?

My professional and personal ambitions are more deliberate now, I challenge myself to reflect deeply on whys of my goals and this has allowed me to be very intentional about my actions, choices and moves. The best gift I have received from this process is being intentional about my growth.