Shedding Light on Dark Social – what it means to PR and why we need to know

Published 8th Jun 2022

Inside Stories 16th June 2022 13:00GMT

Dark Social can at first seem like a fringe issue. It is perceived by many as a technical concept, irrelevant to the day-to-day workings of a typical PR professional. 

Social media on phone

But the facts are hard to ignore. Over 80% of content shares globally occur on dark social platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Many stories that seemed to have fallen flat will have gone wildly viral behind closed doors. A vast majority of the action from your campaign could be happening out of view. 

Richard Benson is the co-founder of Releasd – a tool dedicated to sharing PR and social media activity in a highly visual format. He has written a new report about dark social and joins PR and marketing consultant, Gaby Jesson to discuss why it’s more important than ever not to ignore dark social sharing and how to predict its contribution to the success of a campaign.

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