How to join Global Women in PR

Global women in PR consists of National Networking Groups whose members come from agencies, in-house and independents, plus global individual members who cannot easily join a national group.

We also work alongside other national groups who share our mission in supporting, championing and connecting women in the PR industry and these are our Affiliate Groups. They were established before the start of GWPR and retain their original identity

We currently have national GWPR groups and affiliates in the UK, Germany, Italy, Middle East, Russia, Mexico, Ghana, Romania, India, Canada and are expanding fast with groups developing in New York, Singapore, France, Poland, Brazil and Spain.

To find out more please visit our Groups & Affiliates page.Here you will find the contact details for making enquires re membership.

If you are a member of one of our Affiliates or there is no national GWPR group in your country, you are very welcome to join as an Global Networking Member.

If there is currently no national or affiliate group in your country, you are welcome to apply to become a Global Networking Member.

The Criteria for becoming a Global Network Member is based on experience and is open to women who hold senior positions within the PR industry both agency and ‘in-house’ or who are freelance consultants with significant PR experience.   The application process is on-line and each application will be referred to the Executive Committee for approval.

Global Networking Membership costs £100.00 per anum

If you are interested in joining as an individual please apply here.

These are some of the benefits of GWPR membership:

  • Helping shape the future of women working within the PR and Communications industry
  • Being part of a global PR community sharing best practices and ideas cross border
  • Having access to an international database of women in senior roles in PR and Communications
  • Being invited to member only events in your own country and worldwide
  • Being part of a powerful voice for change