GWPR Empower – get to know Rachita Mohan

Published 28th Apr 2023

Mentee Rachita Mohan

Senior Consultant at The Outlier

Rachita MohanWhy did you apply to be a mentee?

I’ve been in the PR industry for over eight years now, and it has been a journey that I have thoroughly enjoyed. However, in the last ten months, I felt like I’d hit a roadblock when it came to propelling my career to the next level, and I needed guidance and mentorship from a seasoned and senior industry professional on how I could improve. I also wanted someone I could trust to provide me with objective feedback, information, and insights on how to improve, and hence, I applied to be a mentee.

What are you looking to achieve from this programme?

I am looking to expand my network, grow as a professional, and understand more about the nuances of how the communications industry works across different regions.

What’s been your standout moment this year as a mentee?

My mentor, Vanessa told me early on that the best way I could forge is to always stay one step ahead by knowing my client or company so well, that my one ear always is on ground. She also told me that one of the mistakes we make as PR professionals is that we take an inside out approach, when it has to be the other way around. The learnings and discussions I’ve had with her, the useful training sessions that GWPR have scheduled – all of these activities have stood out for me, and something that I will cherish for a long time to come.

Why would you advise others to apply to be a mentee?

If you are serious about taking your career to the next level, and you have a hunger to grow, please go ahead and apply to this program. You will end up gaining valuable insights and practical knowledge about the industry, and also meet like-minded individuals across the globe. GWPR’s initiative is a gift to our industry, and I would recommend you to just make maximum use of the opportunity.