GWPR Empower – get to know Kathy Krenger

Published 28th Feb 2024

Mentor Kathy Krenger

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Kathy KrengerWhy did you apply to be a mentor?

I agreed to be a mentor because the mentors I have had over the years have been instrumental in my success…and most of them are women. Not only do I believe that sharing my experiences and expertise with others is important work, but I do it for selfish reasons as well…I love doing it. I get as much from these relationships as I give (maybe more!).

How do you feel this benefits you personally and professionally?

Learning never ends; I learn from the people I mentor with every engagement. And I love building my network, especially with colleagues in other industries and countries.

How do you believe your mentee has benefitted from this journey?

I hope she feels she has a non-partial person listening and providing advice when she needs it.

Would you be a mentor again?

Without a doubt!