GWPR Empower – get to know Bridgit O’Donovan

Published 14th Apr 2024

Mentor Bridgit O’Donovan

Head of Communications, Product and Partnership at META

Why did you agree to be a mentor?

Bridgit O Donovan METAI’ve realised that both mentoring and being a mentor are powerful levers for growth. My career has grown because of women who have mentored me and acted as my sponsors – speaking my name in the rooms that matter and helping me be more confident in taking up space and assuming leadership roles. I really want to pay it forward, and joining the GWPR programme is a way for me to support another woman in building her career and help her succeed on her own terms.

How do you feel this benefits you personally and professionally?

I manage a team of really bright senior communications leaders, so sometimes, it can feel daunting. Am I doing the best for my team? Am I challenging them enough? Being a mentor outside of the office helps me bring new perspectives back into the day job and new ideas to the table. My time with Johanna really helps me remember that we are all learning and growing, our career is a journey, and we all need support along the way.

How do you believe your mentee has benefitted from this journey?

We appreciate that even though we are at different stages of our careers, we have many similar challenges and have identified areas we want to improve. I believe I’ve been able to candidly share the key challenges throughout my career and the ways I have overcome them. Most importantly, we have created a safe space to discuss her goals and feel confident she is building the right path for herself.

Would you be a mentor again?

Of course! I encourage everyone to consider being and asking for a mentor.