GWPR Empower – get to know Charlotte van Randenborgh

Published 28th Feb 2024

Mentee Charlotte van Randenborgh

Head of Communications, Public Affairs, Science & Sustainability at Bayer AG

Charlotte van RandenborghWhy did you apply to be a mentee?

Connecting with other women globally is a great chance to support each other and expand the personal network. Combined with a 1:1 mentoring and the masterclasses the programme was very appealing to me. I started my career in Public Affairs roles – being Head of Communications now, I wanted to dive deeper in the world of PR and Leadership.

What are you looking to achieve from this programme?

Learn through the network, the mentoring and the masterclasses about how PR is done & lived around the globe and establish connections with inspiring ladies!

What’s been your standout moment as a mentee so far?

The exchange with my mentor has been very enriching and insightful. We quickly connected well and I feel I can ask questions and bring up topics in a safe space. As Kathy has longstanding experience working in agencies and corporates, she was for example very helpful in advising me how to best set up a trustful and efficient working relationship with an external agency.

Why would you advise others to apply to be a mentee?

Because the Empower programme offers so much that you can benefit from it broadly, at all career stages. It is empowering to see and feel that other peers are thinking about the same problems to solve and support you along your individual way.

How are you using your learnings as a mentee within your career?

The ‘executive presence’ masterclass has given me helpful insights about how to present own successes. And, looking at my own positive experiences, I volunteer in our company’s women’s network to set up a global coaching programme.