#GWPRHelp and Let’s Talk

Published 17th Jul 2020

The PR industry has been particularly hard hit by COVID 19 with many PR professionals facing unique challenges – personally and business-wise.

We are delighted that many GWPR Groups have created and developed initiatives to especially support women during these extraordinary times.

In the latest Zoom Drop-In event we were inspired to hear from GWPR Russia’s Natalia Bucelnikova and Eugenia Skobeleva about their campaign #GWPRHelp and from GWPR India’s Ipshita Sin about their “Let’s Talk” programme.

Both campaigns are on-going and truly reflect our mission to champion, connect and support women in the sector.

Copies of their presentations can be found clicking on the links below :

GWPR Russia #GWPRHelp

GWPR India “Let’s Talk”