GWPR Russia Is Established

Published 17th Sep 2018

We are delighted to announce that GWPR Russia has been established.

GWPR Russia, a part of the international organisation, “Global Women in PR”, has been set up as a community of senior communications industry professionals with a strong focus on female leadership issues. We are a non-profit organization that aims at driving the comms industry in Russia and supporting high-potential female talent both on a local and global level. We accelerate the development of the professional community by engaging and encouraging women to talk about key issues related to working in PR & marketing today. We stimulate mentorship and actively support joint efforts in developing solutions for successful career advancing.

The PR profession in Russia is relatively young in comparison to the more mature Public Relations industry in markets such as the USA and Western Europe; thus there is a strong stereotype that working in PR is a young (wo)man’s game. On average, in-house and agency professionals get to senior positions by the age of 30, or even younger, which in the end leads to a significant ‘rejuvenation’ of the industry in general, but also leads to a deterioration of professionalism and strategic vision. As for gender representation, females definitely represent the majority of those working in PR, however, at board level a gender pay gap often exists.

By being part of a global community of senior PR women, GWPR Russia aims to support the professional development of female executives and to emphasize the value of PR and the impact of female leaders on business. We also encourage personal growth and fostering leadership skills by sharing best practice, mutual experience and opportunities to take part in a variety of joint activities inside and outside of work.